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The buzz around AI is growing rapidly, but what is it?

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The buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly, but what is it? With AI-powered virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri becoming commonplace its already part of our everyday lives.

However, new names such as ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Jasper are making waves on the internet, introducing innovative ways to write articles, generate images, and make our daily lives easier.

Although emerging technology can be confusing at first, experts believe that AI tools will transform the way we interact with computers and machines.


If you’re new to AI, start with the basics, like chatbots that mimic human-to-human contact.

Chatbots mimic human-to-human contact. ChatGPT is a popular chatbot that responds like a human.

Deep learning is the technique used to imitate the human brain, allowing AI tools to learn from real-world concepts and conversations to provide human-like responses.

Machine intelligence, which includes machine learning, deep learning, and conventional algorithms, has the potential to surpass human ingenuity.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) helps machines understand human language, even with grammatical errors and different accents.

Weak AI is the most common form of AI currently in use, focusing on a single or small range of activities, such as writing or repurposing video content. On the other hand, strong AI aims to produce systems as intelligent and skilled as the human mind.

This is just the beginning of the AI revolution, with much more to come in the future. If you’re interested in how AI can benefit your organisation, get in touch for more information.