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Dara IT Solutions

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Cloud Services

We provide consultancy, services, solutions and support for all Microsoft cloud-related platforms, including Microsoft 365 and Azure business success, and Google Workspace.

Need consultancy and support for your Microsoft or Google platforms?

We provide consultancy services, solutions and support for the Microsoft platforms, including cloud services, Office 365 and Azure. We are also Google Partners who specialise in the G Suite for Eduation platform. Our suite of services reduces the risk of downtime, delivers exceptional IT support services and enables cloud operations with no downtime.

We are experts in migration to Office 365 from onpremise solutions, from Google Workspace to Office 365 and Office 365 to Google Workspace.  Whatever your cloud requirements , get in touch and book a call with Anthony today::


IT Services

Plan for the known and unknown with our solutions

Reduced Risk Of Downtime

We ensure that everyone in your business can communicate, share and find information securely and efficiently, with less downtime.

No Major Expenses On Hardware Or Software

The cloud computing solutions we support include Azure, AWS, Amazon Web Services, Office 365, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Email and Exchange through a per-user and per-month pricing.

Solve Issues In Different Ways

We support your private and public cloud, helping small and medium businesses to get immediate Microsoft support and solve issues in different ways.

Affordable Prices

Our managed Microsoft IT support plans are affordable and come at lower costs. We are big believers in enterprise-grade availability at affordable prices. .

A Flexible And Consultative Approach

Knowing that each organisation has its own set of unique challenges, Electro-Comm adopts a flexible and consultative approach towards understanding exactly which technologies are the right fit for your business.

Join The Thousands Of Satisfied Client

As a game changer in turning IT teams from daily fighting to delivering awesome customer service, our Microsoft Office 365 and Azure support provides great visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues.

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