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Dara IT Solutions

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IT Consultancy

Our IT Consultancy services focus on advising businesses on how to make use of information Technology (IT) in the best way possible – all in order to meet their unique business objectives.

Understanding Each Client & Their Needs

Our IT consultancy services focus on deep understanding of the needs of every client, the proper client organisation and all the other stakeholders as our main priority. We see technology as a valuable tool to make modern businesses more profitable, which is why we are proud to provide hands-on IT consultancy and support.

We offer reliable IT consultancy services to streamline the IT strategy creating, information security assurance and system integration.

Our approach starts with your needs and long-term goals, helping you make use of the following


IT Strategy Consulting

IT strategy consulting can be a daunting task for businesses yet, each organisation needs a concise IT strategy that is aligned with its business goals. We are happy to share our experience and support you in the process known as technology road mapping.


Business Scaling, Expansion, Mergers & Acquisitions

We are here to help you plan and develop a new technology agenda or adjust your existing one to a changing business strategy, whether you are looking to expand geographically, add a new line of products/services or merge and/or acquire new businesses.

Digital Transformation

We help small, mid-size and enterprise-level businesses to digitally transform and go beyond the automation of traditional methods and processes. With this, they can expect to explore new ways to boost their business and even transform their business model entirely.

Virtual IT Manager

If you are looking for an IT manager in order to track your customer experience online, we bring you years of experience and directly correlates with what is needed for utmost customer satisfaction. All through the perspective of changed, expanded or revamped IT solutions.

Data, Feedback & Analytics

With us, you can collect customer data and feedback across multiple channels and use it for meaningful insights as well as data-driven decisions. This way, you can find ways to modify your customer strategy and rely on expert IT consultancy that helps you retain clients and attract new audience.

System Integration

In times when modern businesses need to use different IT solutions for different purposes, we are here to ensure effective work and provide system integration services coming to you in the form of a smooth and stress-free process.

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